• gas grill

While the desire to grill and hang out poolside may be subsiding in most parts of the countries as the winter approaches, that doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t be able to fire up the propane now and then for a nice steak. It does, however, mean that people still need to be aware of the dangers that their gas grills can create if they haven’t been manufactured or assembled properly. Officials at Guangdong Vanward Electric Co., Ltd. are dealing with such a problem this week, as the Chinese company, its North Carolina-based importer L G Sourcing, and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission have announced the voluntary recall of 37,000 Master Forge Gas Grills.

According to the CPSC report, the grills are being recalled because of two recent reports of hoses melting and rupturing, featuring the model number GD4825. While no injuries have been reported, these popular grills, sold at Lowe’s Home Improvement stores throughout the U.S., may not come with adequate assembly instructions. At the core of this recall is a hose that attaches the gas tank and regulator to the burner control. It is likely that the consumer could attach this hose incorrectly, causing it to come into contact with the burner box, which would melt the hose and possibly lead to fire. Additionally, the consumer could suffer burns if unaware of such melting or fire hazards.

The grills in question retailed for approximately $270 when they were sold between November 2011 and May of this year, and they are rather simple in appearance with a black and stainless steel contrast, a single door and four knobs for the corresponding burners. Guangdong Vanward and the CSPC are urging consumers to stop using the grills immediately and to make sure that the hose in question has been installed properly. If the consumer is unable to make this determination – or if the original instructions are unavailable – new, updated instructions are available through the manufacturer by contacting (888) 584-3648.