• Mattress Cloud

For the second time in two months, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is cracking down on a mattress manufacturer for violation of the Federal Flammability Standard. In 2006, the CPSC passed its first ever major regulation in this mandatory mattress flammability standard, as the voting members of the commission determined that it could mean saving hundreds of lives each year. Ultimately, the new standard, according to the CPSC, required “new mattresses to limit the spread and intensity of a mattress fire, which will give people more time to escape from their residence.” This week, Mattress Cloud learned just how serious that federal standard is, and it appears that it may mean more scrutiny for renovated mattresses.

Brooklyn-based Mattress Cloud Inc. has announced the voluntary recall of approximately 1,400 mattresses and mattresses with foundations because they fail to meet the aforementioned open flame standard. This poses a serious fire hazard to consumers who purchase these mattresses, because in cases of house fires, these mattresses can ignite faster than those that adhere to the standard, posing a much greater threat of burns, serious injuries and even death.

Involved in the recall are Mattress Cloud twin, full, queen and king models that were manufactured before January 25, 2012, and this includes renovated mattress sets as well. Renovated means that the mattresses were previously used and then rebuilt for resale at a lower price for consumers, much like refurbished electronics. While some mattresses may not have a date of manufacture printed on their labels, those involved do have “Ultra Support” and “Ortho Type” labels as indicators. The affected mattresses were also sold in retail stores located in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania between August of 2011 and January of last year.

Mattress Cloud and the CPSC are urging consumers who own any mattresses that could be involved in this recall to contact the company at (855) 622-4233 to determine if their mattress is included and to schedule a mattress retrieval and delivery of a free replacement.

This week’s Mattress Cloud recall is reminiscent of last month’s American Mattress recall, in which approximately 1,500 renovated mattresses also failed to meet the mandatory federal open flame standard.