• mazda6 2011

This year has been relatively quiet for Japan-based automaker Mazda Motor Corp. Although the automaker isn’t one of the larger worldwide vehicle manufacturers, the company still has a well-known presence around the world. In one of its major media appearances this year, Mazda was included in a mass recall of more than three million vehicles in April. Mazda recalled approximately 20,000 vehicles due to potentially defective airbags. Now, Mazda is issuing a larger recall. Specifically, Mazda is recalling about 161,400 sedans because of possibly loose screws in the side doors, Reuters reports.

According to Reuters, three mounting screws on the doors can become loose and result in the doors opening while the car is being driven. Mazda’s recall affects Mazda6 sedans from model years 2009 through 2013. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration initially launched a probe into the vehicles after receiving four complaints about the issue.

According to a letter from Mazda, the NHTSA first began investigating the failure of the side doors “to properly latch when closed and/or open inadvertently after being closed” on May 13, 2013. Then, on June 12, Mazda launched its own field investigation on any 2009 Mazda6 vehicles that were going into service at dealerships nationwide. Mazda subsequently decided to issue the recall on September 19.

Mazda will notify dealers of the recall during the week of October 7, according to the NHTSA letter. Also, the automaker will mail notification letters to owners the week of October 14. Dealers will then apply a thread-locking adhesive to the loose screws and will retighten them for free. The recall fix is expected to commence on October 18, according to Reuters.