• EVO Stroller

The purpose of a child’s stroller is two-fold, in that it’s supposed to provide both comfort and safety. Parents can spend hundreds of dollars on the idea that higher prices equate to better quality, but as the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has reported in recent months, even the most expensive child’s products can come with their fair share of flaws. This week, another high-end stroller has been identified as being potentially hazardous, as the CPSC has announced the recall of approximately 340 EVO strollers.

Manufactured and marketed by Mutsy USA, the EVO strollers retail for approximately $400, and they are sold by children’s product retailers throughout the U.S. The recall comes, however, as inspections of the strollers have revealed that they may pose a strangulation hazard, as young children can slip through the front bar. Fortunately, no injuries or incidents have been reported as of yet, although the opening between the stroller’s grab bar and seat bottom is wide enough for a child’s body to pass through. If this were to happen, then the child’s neck could get caught in the gap.

The EVO strollers affected by this recall were manufactured and sold between February and December of 2012 and they contain the model numbers MT12-03, MT12-11, MT12-14, MT12-31, MT12-34, MT12-37, MT12-39, MT12-42, MT12-43 and MT12-48, according to the CPSC. The model numbers are located on a white sticker found on the bottom side of the stroller seat.

Mutsy USA and the CPSC are urging consumers to immediately stop using these strollers to avoid any unnecessary injuries, and to contact Mutsy at (877) 546-9230 to confirm the stroller’s defect and order a free replacement.