• toyota sienna 2009

Nissan and Toyota are among some of the largest vehicle manufacturers worldwide. The two Japanese automakers are also no strangers to large-scale recalls. Recently, Toyota recalled approximately 235,000 vehicles in two separate actions, with one recall involving a concern with the vehicles’ inverters and the other involving concerns with the vehicles’ variable valve timing devices. Nissan also experienced a large major recall of more than 123,000 vehicles in April due to a possible defect with the spare tire. Now, both auto manufacturers have issued recalls for approximately 1.5 million vehicles.

According to the New York Times, Toyota’s recall affects about 615,000 Sienna minivans and Nissan’s recall affects approximately 98,000 Infiniti sedans in the United States. Worldwide, Nissan is recalling approximately 910,000 vehicles. Toyota has received 24 accident reports from the United States and Canada, but Nissan hasn’t received any reports of accidents or injuries, NBC News reports.

Toyota’s recall involves model year 2004 to 2005 and 2007 to 2009 Sienna minivans. These minivans are being recalled due to concerns that the gearshift lever can “experience damage to the shift lock solenoid,” which could result in a driver inadvertently nudging “the lever out of the park position without first depressing the brake.” If this occurs, the vehicle could “roll away if it isn’t on a level surface.”

Meanwhile, Nissan’s recall involves almost 100,000 Infiniti M sedans with potential accelerator sensor problems. According to Nissan, “the sensor used to detect the way the throttle pedal is being depressed can become unstable … [and] can lead the vehicle to accelerate less aggressively than a motorist might intend,” NBC News reports. This could lead to the vehicle stalling or stopping.

To deal with the problems, the Toyota models will be given new shift lock solenoids, and the Nissan models will be fitted with new accelerator pedal assemblies as well as have the engine control module reprogrammed. Both manufacturers will notify owners about the recalls in the upcoming weeks.