• Nissan Titan

In addition to the NV Vans that Nissan North America is currently recalling, the automobile manufacturer has announced that approximately 2,180 Titan pickup trucks will also be recalled because of problems with the gear shift levers. The original recall announcement was issued on March 13, as Nissan informed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that as many as 18,800 NV vans were being recalled, with model years 2012 and 2013.

The problem at hand in the NV van recall involved a gear selector plate lock clip that was allegedly installed incorrectly, which could eventually lead to the gear shift selector malfunctioning. Over time, standard road wear and tear could take its toll on the lock clip, causing the gear shift to falsely indicate that the automobile is in park or drive. This issue could lead to drivers believing that their vehicles are parked when they aren’t, resulting in unexpected rollaway, accidents, and injuries or property damage.

Similarly, the brake shift interlock on the affected Nissan Titan pickup trucks may have also been manufactured with certain chemicals that could cause the transmission shift lever to be shifted without use of the brake. Typically, the driver would have to depress the brake pedal in order to shift the vehicle from park to drive; however, this defect can cause the shifting to occur with no brake use, allowing the vehicle to suddenly and unexpectedly move.

The Titan recall, expected to begin next week, will involve Nissan notifying owners and local dealerships repairing the vehicles for free. In the meantime, drivers can contact Nissan at (800) 647-7261 for additional information.