• Coffee Maker

One-cup coffee makers have become a hot item recently, as the convenience of making just one serving of coffee instead of an entire pot is too good to be true for most early morning commuters. However, convenience doesn’t come without caution, as these individual cup makers can pose a variety of threats to consumers, from unexpectedly spraying hot liquid to overheating and causing burns or fire hazards. Evidence of the latter is what has led to a significant recall for Jerdon Style, which manufactures and markets its own brand of one-cup coffeemakers.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced this week that Jerdon Style has issued a voluntary recall of its one-cup coffeemakers with the model no. CM12B and date code 1217 due to reports that units have been overheating. So far the company has received four such reports from consumers; however, none of them have yet reported any injuries, burns or fires associated with this problem. Regardless, Jerdon Style is recalling approximately 6,000 one-cup coffeemakers with the hopes of avoiding any further threats to consumer well-being.

While the actual brand and model of these Jerdon Style coffeemakers may not sound familiar to some consumers – at least with most people recognizing a more popular brand like Keurig – these units are more prominently used in hotels and motels throughout the U.S. The Jerdon devices are sold through some online retailers, but they are most commonly sold by hotel product suppliers, and they are popular for their relatively affordable prices, as they retail for between $15 and $26. Unfortunately, with affordability and bargain sometimes comes hazard.

In the meantime, Jerdon Style and the CPSC are urging consumers to stop using these one-cup coffeemakers immediately as to avoid potentially being burned or even starting a fire. Consumers who own these units can contact the company at (800) 223-3571 in order to obtain a full refund.