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A recent Autoweek recall article announced that Hyundai has recalled  “205,233 copies of the 2007-2008 Santa Fe and Veracruz because of an issue with the airbags.” According to the auto news source, “Hyundai has received about 7,800 warranty claims as a result of airbag defects in these vehicles, though the carmaker said it is not aware of any related accidents or injuries.”

Nevertheless, Consumer Reports explains that a safety system flaw in the electrical system of the Hyundai SUVs may actually prevent their airbags from deploying, which increases the “risk of injuries to the driver.”

Consumer Reports explains that the vehicles affected by this recall were manufactured from April 2006 to March 2008. According to the product safety announcement, Hyundai began reporting this recall to owners of the affected models in September, when the initial recall was announced. The company advised owners to “bring in their SUVs to the local dealerships where technicians will replace the airbag electrical assembly for free.”

This recall comes on the heels of a mid-August auto issue with Hyundai’s Sonata Sedans. Consumer Reports explains that this recall was intended to address the “more than 4,000 owners [who] complained about the car’s steering system.” According to the consumer safety resource, some vehicle owners have had complaints about the 2011 Sonata’s steering, specifically noting that it tends to drift or pull to the left while being driven.

The company was careful to explain that the Sonata has not been recalled due to this issue. According to Consumer Reports, a Hyundai Spokesman, Jim Trainor, reported that Hyundai suspected “that about 41,000 Sonatas with 18-inch wheels could be affected by the problem”.  The news source explained that this was considered a “service campaign,” opposed to a full-scale recall.

According to the Consumer Reports article, tHyundai claimed that it has “received or tracked” around 4,000 complaints, which represents “about 3 percent of the nearly 150,000 Sonatas built from September 2010 through April 2011.” The product review resource explains that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) thus far has “received 198 complaints about the 2011 Sonata’s steering, many of which described vehicle tracking problems seemingly similar to the one being addressed in this campaign.”

Consumer Reports goes on to explain that according to the Hyundai’s spokesman, consumers can arrange an appointment with Hyundai dealers to look at this model’s tracking and wheel alignment and the dealer will install new front suspension struts and perform a wheel alignment, free of charge, if necessary.

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