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2021 saw the number of product liability cases rise dramatically, up 150% from the previous year.

If you’ve been injured or had your property damaged due to defective products, you may be entitled to a major payout. Strict product liability ensures corporations are held accountable for their negligence.

We’ve seen numerous high-profile product liability settlements, the most notable being the case against Phillip Morris. You don’t need to have a life-threatening condition to file product liability cases. To get the most out of your case, however, you will need to hire a product liability law firm.

Today, we’re going to help you understand strict product liability cases in Kissimmee, FL. Keep reading and you’ll be able to get the settlement you deserve for your troubles.

What Is Strict Product Liability?

Strict product liability puts the responsibility on a manufacturer when they sell defective products to consumers that result in injury. Unlike other personal injury cases, strict product liability doesn’t require the plaintiff to prove the manufacturer’s negligence. The proof is in the defective product, as well as the plaintiff’s suffering.

As soon as a defective product is released to the public, they’re liable for any damages that occur. Strict liability rules exist to ensure companies are careful about the products they put out.

Strict Liability Rules

There are particular elements that you and your legal team will need to prove in order to win your product liability case. Firstly, you’ll need to prove that the product was unsafe when you bought it. You’ll also need to prove that you used the product as the manufacturer intended.

Proving that you suffered harm as a result of using the product is the key element here. Once you do that, you can determine an appropriate settlement amount. Your lawyer may involve expert witnesses to help bolster your case.

Understanding Florida Laws

To win a product liability case in Florida, you need to understand our state’s unique laws. Florida is a comparative negligence state, so if a plaintiff is found to have any fault in the accident where they were harmed, the settlement amount will be lower.

When it comes to pain and suffering, several factors are considered. Your settlement amount will depend on the extent of the injuries and the potential for ongoing suffering. Your age, preexisting conditions, and the amount of economic loss resulting from the defective product are also major factors.

It’s also important to understand the statute of limitations. For a personal injury, you’re looking at 4 years to file your case. Professional malpractice, on the other hand, is just 2 years.

How a Product Liability Law Firm Can Help

When going up against a negligent company, hiring a product liability law firm is essential. A product liability lawyer will have a deep understanding of the minutiae of these types of cases, as well as the laws pertinent to them.

If you’ve been injured by a defective product in Kissimmee, the Newsome Melton Law Firm can help. We’ve helped our clients win millions in settlements for product liability cases of all kinds. Contact us today to discuss your injuries and how we can help you get compensation.