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In 2021 Florida experienced 373 truck accident fatalities. It only came in behind Texas and California. This statistic alone illustrates how dangerous large trucks can be.

If you are involved in a truck accident and fortunate enough to survive, you will likely experience several injuries. Some may be mild; however, others can be severe and life-changing.

Due to the impact of a truck accident in Kissimmee, FL, and how it may affect your life, it is important to know what steps to take to recover. Here you can learn more about the recovery process.

Understanding the Aftermath of a Truck Accident

After a truck accident, you might feel scared or confused. That’s normal.

While you may be shaken up, there are a few things to remember. Here you can learn what these are.

Seek Medical Help

Seeing a doctor is important if you’re hurt after a truck accident. However, even if you are not injured or feel fine, you should seek a medical evaluation.

Some injuries are masked by the adrenaline in your body after a high-stress situation, like an accident. Because of this, it could be hours or days before you notice a problem.

By seeking medical attention immediately, these hidden injuries can be found, and you can receive treatment. Going to the doctor will also provide documentation of your injuries.

You can use this to help prove the severity of your injuries. It can also be used to link your injuries to the accident.

Common Injuries

Truck accidents can cause different types of injuries. Some common injuries include broken bones, cuts, and bruises.

Sometimes, people might have head injuries or back pain too. If you have any of these injuries, don’t worry – doctors and nurses will do their best to help you feel better.

Taking Time to Rest

Your body needs time to heal after a truck accident. Resting means not doing too much and allowing your body to recover.

Doctors might tell you to stay home from school for a little while or take it easy with physical activities. It’s important to listen to their advice.

Attend All Follow-Up Appointments

Besides resting, your doctor may provide a treatment plan. It is important to follow this, which means going to all scheduled appointments.

Sometimes, if you fail to do this, the insurance company will claim you are not as injured as you say. This may make it hard to recover compensation.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

You might want to talk to a personal injury lawyer if you’ve been hurt in a truck accident. Here’s how they can assist you:

  • Legal Guidance
  • Dealing with Insurance Companies
  • Support and guidance

Finding an experienced attorney can help you navigate the claims process. They will also work to help you recover the maximum compensation possible.

Recovering after a truck accident in Kissimmee, FL, takes time and patience. Remember, if you’re hurt, go to the doctor right away. Resting and taking care of yourself is important too.

If you need assistance after a truck accident, contact our legal team. We can provide the legal solutions you need in this situation.