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The National Highway and Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) has recently issued a recall notice for selected Negotiator Commercial H/T tires. The manufacturer, ITR USA Inc., first reported the issue on July 11, 2011. The recall affects all Negotiator Commercial H/T tires sizes LT265/75R16 and LT235/85R16.

The NHTSA explains that these tires were manufactured between April, 2009 and May 31, 2011. According to ITR USA, the voluntary recall of more than 50,000 tires is due to bubbling or blistering which has been seen along the sidewalls of some of these tires.

The NHTSA explains that such defects could lead to the sudden loss of tire pressure, which in turn increases the likelihood of road traffic accidents. The rubber on the tires subject to recall was produced by the Shandong Yongtai Chemical Group, based in the People’s Republic of China.

The Shandong Yongtai Chemical Group has been involved in tire manufacturing since 1996. The company specializes in radial tires for heavy trucks in China, Japan, the United States, and Europe. The tires produced by Shandong Yongtai for the American market are usually branded as Capitol or Negotiator and are distributed by ITA of Woodland Hills, the trade name for ITR USA Inc.

Protruding bulges, bubbles, or blisters on the sidewalls of radial tires should be a cause of concern for all vehicle owners. As the winter months approach, drivers, they are encouraged to carefully inspect their tires. Any signs of protrusion on the tire sidewalls should be immediately addressed by a mechanic or tire service dealer.

According to the NHTSA report, “ITR USA is in the process of determining the remedy plan for this campaign.” The agency explains that this recall began on September 6, 2011 and owners of this particular tire should contact the NHTSA if they have further questions.

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