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Did you know that according to the CDC, every one of five falls causes a catastrophic physical injury like a fracture? The most common reason behind these falls can be slips caused due to tripping hazards. Slip and fall injuries can cause an individual significant emotional and financial distress.

Therefore, it is important to call a reliable personal injury lawyer in Kissimmee to help you understand liability in such scenarios to get the claim you deserve. This article discusses tripping hazards and liability in detail.

Common Tripping Hazards

Tripping hazards refer to scenarios or physical objects that might lead to a trip or fall. These hazards are evident in public places (parks), workplaces, or private properties. Below are some examples of common tripping hazards:

  • Uneven Surface: Uneven surfaces like stairs, cracked or damaged flooring, or uneven tile placement can cause an individual to lose balance and trip.
  • Lack of Proper Lighting: Poorly lit roads and walkways can make it challenging to see potential hazards and increase the risk of slipping and falling.
  • Weather-Related Hazards: Flooring left wet after rain, snow, or spills can create dangerous scenarios like slips and falls.
  • Obstacles: Objects left on walkways, like ropes, boxes, litter, or cords, can lead to trips and injuries.
  • Loose Flooring: Loose rugs or mats that have not properly been secured to the floor or tend to slip on the surface when one steps on them can cause an individual to lose balance and fall.

Slip and Fall Injuries: Who Is Liable?

If you experience a slip and fall injury due to a tripping hazard, it is important to consider who might be liable for the damages sustained. Liability is the legal responsibility for an injury or accident. By determining liability, you can work with a personal injury lawyer in Kissimmee and receive compensation for your losses. Below are a few examples of liable parties in slip and fall injury cases:

Commercial Properties

Businesses must ensure their property is safe for all visitors. If a business doesn’t conduct timely repairs on cracked or loose flooring or doesn’t take steps to clear snow from their entrance or place warning signage, and a visitor suffers damages due to these factors, they can be held liable for those damages.

Property Owners

Property owners must ensure their premises’ conditions are safe for visitors. If the owners are aware of any tripping hazards on the property, you can hold them responsible for the injuries sustained due to those hazards.


Employers are expected to maintain safe working conditions by implementing safe working practices, placing signage near slippery walkways, and offering safety gear like anti-slip shoes. If an employer neglects these duties and an employee sustains damages due to their neglect, the employee can hold them liable for the injuries.

Get Compensated

If you have a slip and fall injury, seeking help from a personal injury lawyer in Kissimmee is important. A personal injury lawyer can help you take legal action and get compensated for the damages.

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