• Soft Air Rifle

Last month, the Bohning Company recalled 150 crossbows because of a manufacturing defect with the safety mechanism that could lead to accidental firing and injuries. Fortunately, no incidents or injuries were reported at the time, but the company was concerned enough to recall the small but significant lot of recreational weapons in order to make sure that the incident report remained at zero. If anything, though, that recall served as a reminder that even something referred to as a “safety” might not always deliver on that implication.

This week, Soft Air USA delivered that reminder again in a larger fashion, as the company announced the recall of approximately 2,400 Swiss Arms Break-Barrel Air Rifles because of malfunctioning safety devices. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, there haven’t been any reports of incident or injury as of yet; however, Soft Air is recalling rifles with the model number 288719 in order to prevent any future injuries.

Manufactured in China, the Swiss Arms air rifles were sold exclusively at The Sports Authority retail stores throughout the U.S. for approximately $100 during December of last year. According to the recall announcement, the rifles are 34-inches long and feature a black barrel, as well as a metal fixed front sight and a rubber recoil pad on the butt of the rifle. They can be further identified by the terms “XT32” and “Cal.4.5/.177” printed on the barrel hinge plates.

Soft Air is urging consumers who purchased these rifles to return them to The Sports Authority stores immediately for a full refund. Additionally, consumers can contact the company at (866) 763-8247 with additional questions or for further refund information.