• Lexus GX460

After five recalls since October 2009, Toyota is facing even more issues after Consumer Reports recently gave the Lexus GX460 a “Don’t Buy” warning due to a design flaw that may increase the possibility of rollovers. During vehicle testing, the electronic stability control system failed to react on time when the vehicle was put into hard or sudden turns. This caused the rear of the vehicle to slide sideways, which Consumer Reports says can cause a rollover in real-life driving situations.

While there haven’t been any reported cases of the luxury SUV involved in rollover accidents, Consumer Reports said the design flaw is potentially serious enough to warrant the “Don’t Buy” status. The GX460 was not involved in any of the previous Toyota and Lexus recalls that involved more than 9 million vehicles being recalled for reasons including gas pedal and floor mat issues leading to sudden unintended acceleration and defects in the electronic brake systems.

The GX460 retails for $52,000 and is considered a limited-volume vehicle for Toyota and Lexus, but it represents the tenth model in almost seven months to be reported for safety issues. Toyota has not yet responded to the Consumer Reports claim and has launched an investigation into the accusation.

The last vehicle to receive this serious warning was the 2001 Mitsubishi Montero Limited.

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