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As investigations, allegations, and lawsuits continue to mount nationwide in the wake of Toyota’s January recall of more than 2.3 million vehicles, automotive experts are reporting that the assessment of Toyota’s vehicle problems may actually be incorrect. The January recall was initiated when it was announced that a manufacturing defect in the gas pedal was causing friction that leads to sudden unintended acceleration. Now, according to experts, the problem appears to be related instead to Toyota’s electronic throttle system.

A recent report by Quality Control Systems Corp. explains that consumer complaints are higher among owners of Toyota models that contain the electronic throttle system. The study’s findings insist that the percentage of consumer complaints stemming from vehicles with the throttle system is sufficient reason to investigate this new possibility. However, Toyota’s leadership maintains that the problem is related to the gas pedal and the electronic throttle systems are no cause for concern.

When Toyota announced the January recall, representatives of the world’s leading automobile manufacturer insisted that none of Toyota’s Scion or Lexus models would be affected by the recall. However, the recent investigation of the Toyota Prius for unrelated brake issues means that the Lexus brand name may no longer be safe.

The Toyota Prius and Lexus HS 250h hybrid are essentially the same vehicle, with the Lexus version being the obvious upscale model. While the HS 250h is more expensive than the Prius and features more luxury options, the two cars share identical brake systems, which means that if the Prius has a brake defect, then the HS 250h may have them as well. However, Toyota representatives are confident that the Lexus model is still safe from defects because the Prius and HS 250h use different software systems in controlling the brakes.

Regardless, Toyota has added this Lexus hybrid model to its investigation, which means that at least 10 vehicle models are involved in ongoing investigations as Toyota’s leadership continues to meet with government officials in the U.S., Japan, China, and Europe, as well as with shareholders.

Toyota’s President Akio Toyoda issued an apology earlier today for the problems that have been associated with the company’s most popular and most dependable models.

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