• toyota recall information sudden unintended acceleration

Since first announcing a recall of more than 3.8 million vehicles in October 2009, Toyota has been in the international spotlight for two additional automobile recalls to bring the total of affected vehicles to over 9 million. The latest recall featured more than 300,000 Toyota Prius hybrid models and Lexus HS 250h models, and has led to a national class action lawsuit based out of California. The lawsuit will focus on any hybrid vehicle produced by Toyota, including Lexus models.

The recall occurred due to a defect in the electronic brake systems that was causing a dangerous delay between the pressing of the brake pedal and the actual stopping. This recall is unrelated to the aforementioned October 2009 recall, which occurred due to a floor mat issue that was causing gas pedals to stick and resulting in sudden unintended acceleration. In January, Toyota recalled another 2.3 vehicles, which included eight different top-selling models, due to an unrelated gas pedal problem. The second recall occurred because of friction that was causing sudden unintended acceleration.

Toyota has since announced solutions to both the October 2009 and January recalls, however no solution has been announced for the Prius recall yet. Toyota’s President has also issued an apology as the head of the world’s No. 1 automobile manufacturer.

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