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Toyota Motor North America has announced a new recall of more than 7,300 Toyota Camry vehicles, however this small amount has nothing to do with the previous three recalls that have made the world’s No. 1 automobile manufacturer the focus of international news. This new recall involves 2010 models of Toyota’s best-selling sedan, as there is a possibility that the 4-cylinder version may be equipped with a power steering pressure hose of insufficient length, according to a release from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The insufficient power steering pressure hose could result in a detrimental gap between the crimp and the brake tube for the left rear brake. In this case, the brake tube could rub against the crimp, causing the tube to break or split and leak brake fluid. The loss of brake fluid could lead to difficulty in stopping the vehicle, or even a serious automobile accident.

Toyota is currently notifying owners of Camrys that may be affected by this recall. Dealerships will accept any Camry in need of a new power steering hose or brake tube for a free replacement. The recall will begin in March. In the meantime, Toyota customer service representatives are available with additional information at (800) 331-4331.

This marks the fourth – albeit minor – recall announced by Toyota since October 2009. The first recall occurred because of incorrectly sized floor mats that were causing interference with the gas pedals, leading to sudden unintended acceleration. In early January, Toyota announced a second, unrelated recall for sudden unintended acceleration. This recall was caused by a missing piece in the gas pedal mechanism, however automobile experts have since argued that it was caused by a defect in the electronic throttle system.

Last week, Toyota recalled more than 300,000 Prius and Lexus HS 250h hybrid models due to a defect in the electronic brake systems that makes it possible for the cars to delay in braking upon pressing the brake pedal. The Prius recall and this minor Camry recall have brought the total number of Toyota models recalled to nine and the total number of vehicles recalled to more than 9.1 million.

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