• toyota rav4 2011

There have only been two weeks in September and already Toyota has issued three major recalls for a few higher-end vehicles. The first two recalls Toyota issued this month were for approximately 235,000 vehicles. The recalls involved five different Toyota and Lexus models that had possible issues with the inverters and variable valve timing control devices. Now, Toyota is reissuing a recall for about 780,000 cars due to a suspension problem that wasn’t adequately addressed in a recall last year, according to NBCNews.

The recall covers the 2010 Lexus HS250 hybrid and the 2006 through 2011 Toyota RAV4 crossover. NBCNews reports that the Toyota RAV4 crossover is one of Toyota’s most popular vehicles. In August of last year, Toyota initially recalled the vehicles, but determined that the fix wasn’t enough. Originally, the vehicles were recalled due to wobbling rear suspension arms that could rust. If they were to rust, then they could lead to a suspension failure, posing harm to drivers and other passengers in the vehicles.

The nuts used to fix the alignment of the rear wheels on the two vehicles have been determined to not have been properly tightened, according to Toyota. “Upon investigation, it was discovered that some inspections were not adequate and portions of the repair procedure may not have been performed correctly,” Toyota said in a letter summarized by Fox News.

Now, the automaker will inspect for damage during this current recall. Dealers will properly tighten the nuts and “seal the rear lower suspension arms with an epoxy coating designed to prevent corrosion,” according to NBCNews. Toyota will begin notifying owners of the recall, and the fix will be provided free of charge, according to Fox News. Toyota says the recall should be completely finished in February.