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The agencies associated with consumer safety and recalls, such as the CPSC, the NHTSA and the FDA, are off to a busy start this year with several recalls and safety alerts. With only a week into the New Year, all of the agencies have already announced a handful of recalls affecting thousands of products. For instance, the NHTSA announced the recall of more than 30,000 Volvo vehicles due to a software glitch that didn’t alert consumers of a low oil pressure situation. The FDA has also informed consumers about the recall of several food and drug products. Among them are CO2 Multi Absorbers by Vital Signs Devices, which are medical devices that help with ventilation.

According to a press release issued by Vital Signs Devices through the FDA’s website, the absorbers “may have a thin wall condition which may lead to small holes in the water (drain tube).” The company further explains that this potential defect could lead to a loss of anesthetic gases, ventilation and oxygenation. The recall was issued after Vital Signs Devices received complaints and product returns, but no injuries have been reported.

The recalled product works in conjunction with anesthesia machines. The recall affects disposable absorbers with the lot numbers 12001 through 13031 and the product number M1173310. The recall doesn’t affect absorbers with lot numbers higher than 13032, the FDA reports.

Vital Signs Devices has sent an Urgent Medical Correction letter to customers who purchased the affected devices to notify them of the recall. The letter also provides safety instructions. Vital Signs Devices will follow up with customers and will replace all of the affected products at no cost. Consumers and health professionals can contact Vital Signs Devices at 800-345-2700 weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST for more information about the recall.