• volvo s60 2012

Volvo, one of the only large vehicle manufacturers headquartered in Sweden, produces many large trucks meant for transporting goods as well as luxury vehicles. In early 2012, Volvo recalled approximately 22,383 trucks due to a relay valve defect that affected the trucks’ brakes. Now, the Swedish company is in the midst of a recall affecting approximately 30,929 S60 models.

According to Consumer Affairs, the recall affects model year 2011 through 2012 S60 vehicles that were manufactured from June 2010 through May 2012. The recall affects S60 models equipped with 5-cylinder B5254T5 engines. The VIN code for these engines is 62. Documents filed with the NHTSA reveal that multiple consumers had experienced problems with the recalled vehicles. In each incident report, the owners of the vehicles reported no prior warning indicating that the oil pressure in their engines was low, and the vehicles’ engines all made weird noises before the owners took them in to Volvo dealers.

The recalled vehicles may not display any warning about a low oil pressure situation. According to the NHTSA, “[w]ithout being warned of a low oil pressure situation, the driver may continue to drive the vehicle until it stalls, which increases the risk of a crash.”

Volvo is currently in the process of notifying owners and dealers about the recall. Dealers will update the vehicles’ software so that it will accurately inform a consumer when there is a low oil pressure situation. The fix will be provided free of charge. Volvo’s campaign number for this recall is R29436. Consumers may contact Volvo at 1-800-458-1552 for more information.