• wheel comes off during driving

In some cases, a car dealership may be responsible when a wheel comes off your car while driving. Other possible liable parties could include other mechanics, the automaker, or even a tire shop.

The defective tire lawyers at Newsome Melton can review your case and help you identify what caused your tire to fall off . We offer free case evaluations and can help you hold the car dealer responsible when a wheel comes off while driving. We may be able to recover money to pay your medical bills, property damages, pain and suffering, and other damages if your lost wheel caused a car crash. Call 888-221-5316 today.

How Do Car Dealerships Cause Wheels to Come Off While Driving?

wheel comes off during driving

A car dealer may be responsible if your wheel came off while driving.

The most common way car dealerships can cause a wheel to come off relates to how technicians tighten the lug nuts on a vehicle. Technicians must tighten lug nuts to a specific torque, per the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions. If they fail to do so, the nuts could work their way loose. They could also fracture from overtightening.

Dealerships and other service technicians often employ air wrenches to tighten lug nuts, which makes it possible to remove and reattach wheels quickly. Unfortunately, this can increase the risk of issues. If they fail to calibrate the air wrench correctly, the nuts could loosen, and the wheel could come off while you are operating your vehicle.

How Can I Prove a Case Against the Car Dealership?

To hold a car dealership liable for your damages if a loose wheel caused a crash, we can help you build a case that proves:

  • The dealership cared for your vehicle, including removing and reattaching the tires;
  • The technician acted negligently, usually by leaving the lug nuts loose or otherwise creating a risk of failure;
  • This negligence directly led to your wheel coming off; and
  • You suffered physical and financial damages because of the incident.

When you enlist our help with your case, we can use a number of resources to better understand why your wheel came off and how that led to your wreck. We may turn to survey teams, crash reconstruction experts, industry engineers, and other specialists to help us build a strong case on your behalf.

Our investigation into your incident will identify all potential parties. If you bought a used vehicle from a local car dealer or if you had repairs done at the dealership, the car dealer may be the only responsible party. In some cases, though, others may play a role. Other potentially liable parties could include:

  • The automaker;
  • A parts manufacturer, if a defective part failed and caused the crash;
  • A tire service company; or
  • Someone else who performed work on your vehicle.

Our attorneys will calculate the full range of damages you suffered because of your wreck. We will pursue the liable party, requesting fair compensation for your losses.

How Can I Talk to an Attorney About My Case for Free?

If you suffered injuries in a loose wheel crash, Newsome Melton will review your case for free. We can help you understand your right to compensation if a car dealer caused your injuries. Call us today at 888-221-5316 so we can get started on your claim.