• Is There A Recall On Goodyear Wrangler Tires

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has not announced a recall on Goodyear Wrangler tires since early 2012. The organization issued a recall then because of the risk of tread separation.

However, a tire recall is not a necessary component of a defective tire claim. If you believe defective tires caused your car crash, contact the lawyers at Newsome Melton today. We can determine if Goodyear is liable for your related injuries and damages. Call 888-221-5316 for a free consultation.

Which Goodyear Wrangler Tires Were Under Recall in 2012?

Is There A Recall On Goodyear Wrangler Tires

Even without an open recall, you may be able to hold Goodyear liable for damages if a defective tire caused your crash.

The 2012 recall affected a limited number of Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor tires, designed for use on light trucks, SUVs, and vans. The recall included:

  • LT285/70R17 LRD;
  • LT245/75R17 LRE;
  • LT275/70R18 LRE;
  • LT265/70R17 LRE;
  • LT325/60R18 LRE; and
  • LT235/80R17 LRE.

What Responsibilities Do Tire Manufacturers Have?

The Transportation Recall Enhancement, Accountability, and Documentation (TREAD) Act holds tire manufacturers to high standards. Safe tires are vital to the safety of not only you and your passengers, but to others on the road. Preventing as many crash injuries and deaths as possible is the NHTSA’s purpose, so it keeps close tabs on tire companies and products through TREAD.

Like all manufacturers of consumer products, tire companies must conduct extensive safety testing of all products to uncover possible weaknesses and other defects. In addition, manufacturers must report any issues or consumer complaints to the NHTSA and to distributors.

While this should decrease the risk of defective tires making it on to the nation’s roads, there are numerous questions about the effectiveness of this process. Tire companies do not always identify all potential problems before incidents occur, and not all potential defects lead to tire recalls. Because of this, you could have defective tires on your vehicle and not know it.

Who Is Liable When Defective Tires Cause a Wreck?

Even though there is no recent recall on Goodyear Wrangler tires, there could be defective tires on the road. If you believe a defective Goodyear Wrangler tire caused your crash, you may have a case against the tire manufacturer, automaker, or other parties.

We can help you understand everything you need to know about defective tires, including what caused your tire failure and the resulting wreck. In cases of tread separation — the most common cause of tire failure today — we may enlist the help of engineers, survey teams, and crash reconstruction specialists. These professionals can help us prove the tire had a defect that caused your crash, which is the key to getting you the compensation you deserve.

Some of the common ways we find tire companies fail to produce safe tires include:

  • Defective design;
  • Poor adhesion or bonding within the tire;
  • Faulty rubber or other components;
  • Poor manufacturing standards;
  • Poor product testing; and
  • Other negligent

How Can I Talk to a Tire Recall Attorney About My Crash?

If you suffered injuries in a crash and you believe a defective Goodyear Wrangler tire might be to blame, we can help you understand if you have a case against the tire company. We offer free case evaluations and will explain your legal options for compensation.

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