• Airbag Didnt Deploy

If your airbag did not deploy during a crash and you suffered severe injuries, you may have a viable case against the car manufacturer, airbag manufacturer, or other liable parties. A product liability attorney can analyze your legal options, identify the liable parties, collect evidence, and navigate the claims process.

Proving Liability for Airbag Deployment Failure

To successfully sue a car manufacturer for airbags that failed to deploy, you will need to prove:

  • The airbag should have deployed but did not;
  • The airbag is defective;
  • You suffered severe injuries, caused or worsened by the failure of the airbag to deploy; and
  • You suffered financial, physical, or emotional damages.
Airbag Didnt Deploy

If your airbag failed to deploy in a crash, you may have a valid defective airbag case against the automaker.

We may rely on expert testimony to help prove these and other key elements. An expert witness may testify about how the crash occurred, why the airbag did not deploy, and how the airbag’s failure to deploy caused or contributed to your injuries. Expert witnesses may include:

  • Engineers
  • Product designers
  • Survey teams
  • Accident reconstruction specialists
  • Medical experts

Common Defects That Cause Airbags to Fail to Deploy

Some common defects that might lead to deployment failure include:

Defective Crash Sensors

Crash sensors detect impact and send a signal that tells the airbag to deploy. When there is a defect in the sensor, it may fail to tell the airbag to deploy. Such a defect might stem from the design or installation of the sensors, or from improper calibration.

It is important to note that airbag sensors have to register a certain angle and force of impact before they trigger the deployment of the airbags. To prove your case, you will need to show the airbag should have deployed based on the circumstances of your crash.

Problems with Computer Controls or Electrical Components

When a crash triggers the sensors, they send an electric signal telling the airbag to deploy. A defect in any of the electrical components might prevent the airbag from receiving the message from the crash sensor. In some cases, automakers may route airbag wiring through tight spaces where the wires get damaged, thus preventing the transmission of the signal from the crash sensor.

Other Defects in the Airbag

Problems within the airbag module could prevent deployment too. Failure of almost any component within the airbag module could cause this problem, since each component plays a key role in proper deployment. Defects in the design or manufacture, or problems with testing and other quality control measures, can lead to this issue.

Call Us to Discuss a Case Against a Car Manufacturer for Deployment Failure

If you suffered severe injuries because of the deployment failure, you may be able to recover compensation for accident-related damages. These may include:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Ongoing care costs
  • Additional out-of-pocket costs
  • Pain and suffering

Newsome Melton offers free case evaluations. We can investigate your airbag’s deployment failure and help you pursue legal action to recover compensation for damages. Call us for a complimentary case review: 888-221-5316.