• Cant Fix Your Car

It is possible that you may receive a recall notice on your vehicle and then learn your local dealership does not yet have the parts to repair it. There may not be enough parts or service technicians to go around, or the car company may not even have the replacement parts designed yet. It could be months before your vehicle is safe to drive again.

If there’s a recall and the dealer can’t fix your car, consider the following remedies.

Cant Fix Your Car

If there is a recall on your car but your local dealer does not have the parts to fix it, there are several things you can do to remedy the situation.

Remedy No. 1: Try Another Facility

If you call your local dealership and it tells you there is a waiting list for repairs, you may want to call another facility. Dealerships are often overwhelmed by massive recalls. Each dealership tries to get as many replacement parts as possible, but when a recall affects millions of vehicles, there may not be enough to go around.

Remedy No. 2: Ask for a Rental Car

If your car has a dangerous safety recall, you can try asking your local dealership for a loaner vehicle until it can repair it. Most dealerships have access to rental cars, and some manufacturers have policies that allow them to loan you a car for days, weeks, or even months until they can address your recall.

If you have a serious safety recall and a repair is not yet available, getting a loaner car is often the best option.

According to Cars.com, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration encourages auto manufacturers to offer consumers loaner cars until they can repair their recalled vehicles. This is an effective way to keep defective vehicles off the road and prevent further injuries until they can address the problem.

Note: In some cases, the manufacturer will issue a rental car without you even needing to ask, although this is usually only for consumers who have received “Do Not Drive” warnings.

Remedy No. 3: Follow Any Recommended Safety Tips

If the fix is still months away and you do not have any other option but to continue driving your recalled vehicle, pay careful attention to the recall notices. In some situations, they contain important suggestions on using your car safely. They may include tips or work-arounds to ensure the recalled parts or features do not lead to harm before the dealership can repair the issue.

Understanding the Recall Process

If the manufacturer of your car issues a voluntary recall, or if there is a mandatory recall, you should receive a notice about it in the mail. This notice usually tells you:

  • The issue with your vehicle
  • The dangers related to the problem
  • That you can get a free repair or parts replacement at your local dealership

What it does not tell you, however, is that there may not be enough parts or service technicians to get everyone who needs a recall repair through their service bay for several months or even longer. While government agencies require the manufacturer to supply a remedy in a reasonable time frame, sometimes it can still be months before you can get your repairs completed.

You May Qualify to Take Legal Action If You Suffer Injuries

If you suffered injuries in an accident, we encourage you to contact a product liability attorney for a free case review. If we can link your injuries to the defect, we can file a civil suit against the car manufacturer or other liable parties. This offers a way to recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages.

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