• Bayer

In a startling move, the FDA approved Beyaz, a birth control pill with the same controversial ingredients as lawsuit embroiled Yaz, Yasmin, and Ocella. The difference between those pills and Beyaz is 451 mcg of levomefolate calcium, otherwise known as folic acid. Critics of Bayer and the FDA claim that the company has released Beyaz as a way to boost sales, even with thousands of lawsuits pending against the company.

An article posted on 121 Doc reports on studies demonstrating that women on Yaz face a 64% higher chance of suffering pulmonary embolism.  Instead of conducting further tests, removing the potentially dangerous drugs from the market, or assisting traumatized patients who purchased their products, Bayer released the notorious ingredient, drosirenone, in a new and updated package. The FDA sent mixed messages to consumers by approving the drug, even after sending multiple warning letters to Bayer over the past seven years.

As the pending Yaz lawsuits move forward, Bayer may find itself under fire in thousands of new lawsuits over Beyaz. In addition to the 2000-plaintiff multidistrict legislation currently proceeding in Illinois, there are 400 more lawsuits pending in New Jersey and many more that have been consolidated in Pennsylvania, the article reported.

Beyaz users face the same risks as users of Yaz, Yasmin, and Ocella. It is a wonder that the FDA did not put Bayer’s application for approval of Beyaz on hold until the thousands of cases against the company were resolved. If the plaintiffs prove successful in their claims against the company, Bayer and the FDA will likely face further legal consequences for flagrantly releasing dangerous ingredients long after their potential for serious side effects had been demonstrated.


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