• DePuy ASR Hip

Sixty-six-year-old Bob Lugton of Brisbane, Australia recently became the first Aussie to join the Depuy Class Action Lawsuit i nthe United States. In August of 2010, Johnson & Johnson’s Depuy Orthopedics initiated a recall of two models of the company’s ASR hip replacement devices. Over 93,000 people worldwide have the recalled devices implanted, a Sydney Morning Herald article reported.

Lugton said in the article that he must undergo an additional surgery in October to have his defective hip replacement replaced again. He told the Herald that the device has caused toxic cobalt to leak into his body and further degraded his hip joint. Lugton’s health suffered only 18 months after having the ASR hip replacement implanted. The device was said to last for as long as 20 years, the article noted.

Lugton said that he is joining the Depuy Class Action Lawsuit not for financial reasons, but to let other people know of the devastating effects the toxic cobalt levels have had on his system and other dangers inherent to the faulty device. Thus far, the Depuy Class Action has not led to any settlements between the company and plaintiffs.

Legton’s legal representative, Rebecca Jancauskas, said, “It is fair to say that this could become a multi-million-dollar lawsuit. I encourage DePuy to act swiftly to put this right,” the Herald reported.

Depuy and Johnson & Johnson have shown no signs of easy cooperation with patients suffering from the recalled devices and subsequent surgeries. The Herald said, “Despite DePuy having recalled the products, they have said they would only consider reimbursing for the surgery if the patient paid upfront and then handed over all their X-rays and prothesis.”


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