• DePuy ASR Hip

The U.K. Newspaper, the Independent, recently reported on the DePuy Hip Recalls that have tens of thousands of patients reporting back to the hospitals where they received the implants to have them checked for safety and potential dangers involved with the devices.

As more and more people file DePuy ASR Lawsuits against the company for allegedly continuing to sell the implants for years after knowing about their high failure rate, many DePuy Hip Lawyers have begun offering free consultations for patients with the hip replacements.

Attorneys all over the US have started information web sites that offer free consultations and detailed information on how to proceed with the DePuy ASR Recall and Depuy Class Action Lawsuit processes. A PR Web release reported that many people have already had their DePuy hip replacements surgically removed after suffering extreme pain and discomfort with the device.

Patients are encouraged to keep their medical information private and to maintain possession of recalled DePuy hip replacement devices as evidence for use in upcoming class action lawsuits against the company. Many legal teams and medical officials claim that DePuy knew for over two years that the recalled devices were known to be faulty and have a high rate of failure, yet they continued to sell the devices.

DePuy initiated a recall in Australia in 2008, but continued selling the devices in the U.S. and other countries until mid-summer of this year. It is expected that the company could be ordered to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to tens of thousands of patients who received their hip replacement implants.


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