• DePuy ASR Hip

Many lawsuits currently underway against DePuy Orthopedics, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, allege that the pharmaceutical giant knew of the DePuy hip replacement defects long before the recall of the products began in August 2010. The company has made recent attempts to get patients to sign over access to their medical records and to give the recalled devices back to the company. Lawyers have advised clients not to do so, as the devices may be treated as evidence in court.

A Mass Device article reported that DePuy was facing more than a few lawsuits before the recall began. The company phased out the defective products in March, about six months before the beginning of the recall. Dr. Stephen Graves of the Australian medical device registry and Thomas Schmalzreid, a co-developer of the hip implants, both assert that the company knew of difficulties with the devices and should have pulled them from the market earlier, the article said.

The lawsuits further argue that the devices were not tested thoroughly enough before being sold and implanted into patients, and that the products were marketed by DePuy after the company had gained full knowledge of the defects inherent to the devices.

A News Inferno article reported that, “DePuy Orthopaedics has confirmed that payment for doctor’s costs, X-rays and any repair surgery is conditional on the patient agreeing to provide DePuy with all medical records, as well as the faulty hip implant. Patients must agree to sign a consent form to this effect.” Some law firms have asserted that DePuy’s conditions are inappropriate as the devices and medical records must be admitted as evidence during court proceedings.

Some lawyers and patients are worried that the patient consent forms that DePuy asked them to sign might forfeit their rights to compensation and legal action, the article said. A law firm in Ireland advised all patients with the hip implants to not sign any release form nor allow the recalled implants to be returned to DePuy before legal action has been completed.

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