Consumers using Proctor & Gamble’s popular denture cream Fixodent have recently been advised to use less of the oral adhesive substance. A recent addition to the denture cream’s information on the company’s Web site includes a warning about the health risks associated with the zinc content in Fixodent. Proctor & Gamble is advising consumers to use as little of the product as possible.

Despite the new warning, the company does not plan to recall the product. Additionally, Proctor & Gamble has no plans to change the zinc content of the denture cream. Another popular brand of denture cream – Super Poligrip, manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline – had a recent formula change that rid the product of zinc. As of yet, Proctor & Gamble have made no plans to follow suit.

Consumers using Fixodent are at a high risk of developing adverse side effects from the zinc contained in the denture cream’s formula. These side effects are most severe in individuals who have used the cream over a long period of time. Excess amounts of zinc in the body can result in reduced copper levels and neurological injuries.

Despite awareness of the adverse side effects of excess zinc, Fixodent has never issued a warning about the zinc content in their products. A number of lawsuits have been filed against both Proctor & Gamble and GlaxoSmithKline for failing to warn consumers about the zinc content of their products or the risk of zinc poisoning.

GlaxoSmithKline added a warning label to Super Poligrip in October of 2009. The label advised that the zinc contained in the denture cream could cause serious health problems. Last month, the company announced that it would be pulling Super Poligrip with zinc off of store shelves and discontinuing the formula.

Until recently, Proctor & Gamble has failed to issue warnings about the zinc content of Fixodent. The company claims that Super Poligrip contains higher levels of zinc than Fixodent and the risk of adverse health effects associated with Fixodent is lower. Recently, however, the company has added a warning to their Fixodent Web site,

The new online warning reads, “CAUTION: Contains zinc (less than 4%). Some reports suggest that excessive and prolonged zinc intake may be linked to adverse health effects.” The Web site also advises that patients using Fixodent consult with a doctor before using additional zinc containing products. As of now, Proctor & Gamble has released no information regarding whether or not a similar label will be added to the denture cream itself.

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