• Stuffed Animals

While young children may love nothing more than a cuddly stuffed animal, recent recalls have shown us that nothing intended for kids is danger-free anymore. Strollers, sleepers, baby seats, bed rails and chairs – they’ve all been recalled in recent weeks because of dangerous defects and hazards that would typically go unnoticed by parents and caregivers, if not for the watchful eye of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and vigilant consumers. This week’s concerning report involves the recall of Beamerzzz Stuffed Animals over an exposed wire that has parents worrying about possible lacerations.

The CPSC has announced that retail giant Cabela’s and toy manufacturer Purr-Fection by MJC are recalling approximately, 7,200 of the Beamerzzz Stuffed Animals because a wire that links to an LED flashlight in the animal’s paw can protrude from the fur and cut young children when they are playing with the toys. In all, there are five types of stuffed animals being recalled, and they were sold in Cabela’s stores and through the company’s website between September and November of last year for approximately $15.

While there have been no reports of injury to this point, Cabela’s was still alarmed enough to enact this recall after one consumer reported seeing a wire sticking out of the stuffed animal’s fur. The stuffed animals (and model numbers) involved in this recall include Baby Moose (3127FS), Baby Butter Cream Bear (1229FS), Baby Smoky Black Bear (1231FS), Baby Deer (3136FS) and Baby Derby Elephant (1927FS). The model numbers are located on hang tags located on the animals’ left ears.

Purr-Fection and Cabela’s officials are urging parents to take the stuffed animals away from their children immediately, regardless of whether there is an exposed wire or not, as the concern for laceration should be weighed with any of these stuffed animals. Parents should also contact Purr-Fection as soon as possible to schedule a replacement toy shipment. Purr-Fection reps can be reached at (800) 359-0254.