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Over the past few months, we have brought you current news and updates related to the pending Yaz lawsuits against Bayer Health Care. Over 4,000 women so far have filed suit against the company for adverse effects ranging from gallbladder disorders and blood clots to stroke, heart attack and death.

The official web site for Yasmin depicts a panel of five photos of happy-looking young women above a welcome message. The message reads, “Can the pill be good for you? Can you feel OK when you’re on it? Is it doing anything positive for you besides preventing an unwanted pregnancy? The answer to all these questions is yes!”

The site requires a DIN (Drug Identification Number) to enter. After entering the number, you are taken to a question and answer page with hip, youthful music on a loop. Two pages in, the site still makes no mention or link to adverse side effects. After clicking to enter the site further, a page opens with a link titled, “The Pill and My Health.” The warning page discusses the potential for cardiovascular issues related to a possible increase in potassium related to taking Yasmin.

The site also lists the common side effects as “nausea, vomiting, bleeding between menstrual periods, breast pain, acne,” etc. Acne is also listed as a common side effect for Yasmin, which has been marketed and prescribed at times as an acne treatment. On further investigation, the site discussed how to identify blood clots in various parts of the body, but never explicitly states that women who use Yasmin face an increased risk of clotting.

The official Yaz web site depicts various women walking around or lounging near a park and some shops on a fictitious city street. A Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals sign sits among a host of different blooming flowers and plants. Below the attractive picture is a statement about potential benefits of Yaz beyond its function as a birth control pill. One message states, “In women who are able to and wish to use the Pill for birth control, YAZ may also help treat moderate acne.”

There is a link to an extensive warning list at the very bottom of the page of information. Neither site mentions the pending lawsuits.


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