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Club Car Recalls Golf Carts Over Fuel Leak For Third Time In A Year

September 19, 2012

Club Car Recalls Golf Carts Over Fuel Leak For Third Time In A Year

Typically, when someone mentions hazards on a golf course, we think of sand traps and lakes. We generally don’t associate such hazards with our golf carts catching on fire, but that’s the danger that some people may be facing by operating golf carts and transporting vehicles that have recently been manufactured by Club Car. The Augusta, Georgia-based company has announced the voluntary recall of more than 4,000 golf cars and utility vehicles, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

This latest problem for various gasoline and diesel models of the 2012 Club Cars stems from a manufacturing defect in the fuel tank, as the filler neck has the potential to crack, resulting in fuel leaks and fire hazards. So far the company has only received 10 reports of cracked filler necks, and fortunately none of those have resulted in injury. However, Club Car is still recalling a variety of the Carryall, Precedent, Transporter, Villager and XRT carts, among others, in order to providereplacement fuel tanks at no expense to the consumer. For a full list of the models and serial numbers affected by this recall, visit the CPSC website.

This isn’t the first fuel leak issue that Club Car has dealt with in 2012. In July, the utility vehicle manufacturer also announced the recall of 5 models – and approximately 800 vehicles in total – because of a defective fuel hose clamp. With this issue, it was possible for the hose to come loose, causing a fuel leak and subsequent fire hazard. Another 100 Club Car vehicles were recalled in April due to an issue with the brake blocks cracking and affecting the driver’s ability to stop, and as many as 600 carts were recalled last December for fuel leak issues as well.

For additional information, contact Club Car at (800) 227-0739 ext. 3831 or visit the company’s recall section for details on this or previous transport and utility vehicle recalls.


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