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Popular Children’s Rider Toy Recalled After Child Suffers Concussion

November 29, 2012

Popular Children’s Rider Toy Recalled After Child Suffers Concussion

Because of the head injuries suffered by soldiers and professional athletes, there is a greater national focus on concussions than ever before, as physicians and medical researchers are working diligently to not only learn what causes brain injuries, but also what can cure them. A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that can seriously alter the brain’s function and cause lifelong complications in the people who suffer them, and that’s an especially concerning reality when young children experience head injuries. Children’s toy manufacturers should be expected to regard safety as the highest priority for their products, but unfortunately that isn’t always the case.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced this week that the Step2 Company is recalling approximately 15,500 Children’s Riding Toys because they create fall hazards for the young children who ride them. The X-Rider Cars are simple in build, with four wheels, a seat and handlebars; however, if a child leans too far forward on the rider, he or she could fall over the handlebars and hit the ground.

The recall was sparked by four reported accidents involving the X-Rider Cars, two of which involved head injuries. According to the CPSC, one child received minor bumps on his head, while another experienced more serious injuries, including cuts to the lip and gums and a minor concussion. Because of these incidents and the impending dangers to children who are still possibly using these riders, the CPSC and Step2 are urging parents to take the X-Rider Cars away from their children immediately.

The X-Riders were sold at Target and other child merchandise retailers between January and August of this year for approximately $25. Consumers who have purchased these toys can contact Step2 for additional information at (866) 860-1887. The company will replace them with a toy of equal value at no cost to the consumer.

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