Chenille Apparel Recalls Women’s Wear Amidst Reports Of Deaths

November 19, 2009

Chenille Apparel recalls women’s wear amidst reports of deaths

The deadliest consumer product recalled under the authority of the CPSC this year was Chenille Apparel (including Full Length Women’s Chenille Robes, Women’s Chenille Jackets, Women’s Chenille Lounge Jackets, and Women’s Chenille Tops) manufactured by A-One Textile & Towel of Pakistan and sold by Blair LLC based in Warren, Pennsylvania. Some of these apparel items failed to meet federal standards for flammability, and presented a serious risk of burns if exposed to open flames. After receiving reports of 10 incidents resulting in 9 deaths of persons wearing Blair LLC chenille apparel, the CPSC sought a voluntary recall. In April 2009, 162,000 units were recalled. In October 2009, the recall was expanded to include an additional 138,000 units.

There is significant additional information about each of these recalls, as well as all the consumer products recalled under the authority of the CPSC on the CPSC web site. For additional information, go to

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