Nissan Recalls Almost 20,000 Pathfinder And Infiniti Jx Models For Faulty Brake Parts

April 23, 2013

Nissan Recalls Almost 20,000 Pathfinder and Infiniti JX Models For Faulty Brake Parts

Japanese automakers have issued several major recalls since the beginning of the year, including the air bag problem that involves some of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers. Two weeks ago, more than three million cars and trucks were recalled because of defective airbags that have been linked to the Japan-based Takata Corporation. Toyota, Honda, Mazda, General Motors, and Nissan recalled some of their most popular models due to the possibility of the airbags spraying metal shrapnel when they deploy.

This week, Nissan is issuing a recall of 19,258 vehicles to fix potentially faulty brakes. The Japanese manufacturer is recalling the 2013 model year of the Pathfinder and Infiniti JX sports utility vehicles due to a problem with the front brake torque members that could lead to cracking and premature failure.

This defect can put drivers at risk for injury, as the front brake torque attaches the brake caliper to the front suspension and plays a large role in the strength of the structure. If the part breaks, the brake caliper could shift positions and possibly make contact with the wheel. As a result, the vehicle may undergo “reduced braking, increasing the risk of a crash,” according to documents filed with the NHTSA.

The company discovered the potential defect through a field report they received in March involving a failed front brake torque member on a 2013 Pathfinder. Following the finding, Nissan investigated the problem and determined that the potentially affected models include vehicles manufactured from December 3, 2012 through January 29, 2013.

Nissan has not said if the potential brake problem has been linked to reports of crashes or injuries. According to the defect information report filed with NHTSA, the recall affects approximately 14,168 Pathfinders and 5,090 Infiniti JX vehicles. Nissan expects the recall to begin by May, and Nissan dealers will replace the defective torque members.

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