Novaris Recalling 2.3 Million Triaminic And Therflu Bottles Over Child Safety Concerns

February 4, 2013

Novaris Recalling 2.3 Million Triaminic And Therflu Bottles Over Child Safety Concerns

With newborn and young children, almost everything in a house immediately becomes a danger. From furniture with sharp corners to cleaning products, parents obviously need to make sure that every square inch of their residence is child-proofed for the safety of their kids. However, as recent recalls have shown us, this still applies to products and objects that we already expect to be manufactured with safety in mind. When it comes to prescription and over-the-counter medications, we expect for lids and seals to work properly, because if they don’t, it could mean serious health complications to young children.

This week, Novaris Consumer Health, Inc. reaffirmed that cautiousness with the recall of approximately 24 types of the company’s popular Triaminic Syrups and Theraflu Warming Relief Syrups, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, and 2.3 million products in all. Sold and marketed as over-the-counter treatments for coughs, colds and fevers, the Triaminic and Theraflu products contain acetaminophen and diphenhydramine, which require child-resistant packaging per the Poison Prevention Packaging Act. Unfortunately, in this case, the Triaminic and Theraflu products fail to meet those standards.

A complete list of the products and their National Drug Codes numbers involved in this recall are available at the Novaris website, and consumers can locate those NDC numbers on the upper right corner of the Triaminic box and the upper left corner of the Theraflu bottle. The lot numbers for each product are located on the bottom of the box or on the left label of the bottles.

The reason for this recall is that at least 12 reports of inadequate bottle lids have been reported to Novaris and the CPSC, with four of those reports including situations of ingestion by children. In one case, a child had to receive medical attention. The CPSC and Novaris are urging consumers to cease using the products immediately, and the manufacturer will provide full refunds or replacement products accordingly. For additional information, consumers can contact Novaris at (866) 553-6742.

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