Over 10,000 Patients May Require Second Hip Replacement Surgery

November 30, 2010

Over 10,000 Patients May Require Second Hip Replacement Surgery

DePuy Orthopedics, a subsidiary of pharmaceutical and chemical company Johnson & Johnson, may be held responsible legally and financially for tens of thousands of hip revision surgeries, the UK Daily Mail reports. The company sold 93,000 hip replacement devices between 2003 and August 2010, when the company instituted a recall. Out of those 93,000 devices, about 12 percent will probably fail, according to a Fox News article.

Removing a hip implant device and then implanting a new one significantly reduces the amount of bone available for surgeons to work with, Fox explains. Furthermore, many elderly patients cannot face a second hip surgery due to compromised immune systems and other problems.

The surgery required to remove and replace a hip implant can prove dangerous in other ways as well. Many patients with the faulty implants have developed a condition called metallosis, the UK news source reports. The ASR hip replacement device has metal parts that connect directly to other metal parts. This can result in grinding that then makes the patient unable to walk because of pain and swelling. The UK Daily Mail explains metal bits that flake off from the metal-on-metal connection leach into the bloodstream and lead to swelling, tumors, fatigue, and other symptoms.

Many patients who received the DePuy implants have already undergone revision surgery to have the faulty devices removed and replaced. Fox News explains that one of the issues raised by the DePuy hip recall is that doctors and surgeons often choose the type of hip replacement device they are going to implant into patients. They rarely discuss the reasons behind how and why they choose a specific brand of implant over another, Fox explains. Many doctors now claim that DePuy never warned them of the higher failure rate of the implants until the time of the recall.

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