Patients Should Expect Long Life From Quality Hip And Joint Replacements

September 21, 2010

Patients Should Expect Long Life From Quality Hip and Joint Replacements

The recent flurry of news concerning the DePuy ASR Recall has gotten the attention of more than just DePuy Hip Lawyers and patients who have had the recalled devices implanted. A recent release published by PR Canada reported on quality hip and joint replacements from the Krauss Center for Join Replacement.

Dr. Eugene Krauss of the Department of Orthopedics at Glen Cove Hospital in New York said that all patients should demand longevity and quality out of their hip and joint replacement implants. Krauss further reported that patients who had hip replacements implanted at Glen Cove Hospital, Southside Hospital, or Peconic Bay Medical Center are not at risk of device failure and are not subject to the DePuy ASR Hip Recall, as the centers have never used the DePuy devices.

The PR Canada article quoted Krauss as saying, “Patients are looking for good long-term solutions: It is far more cost effective to have your surgery performed by a highly skilled team using the best implants available in America. Do it once. Do it well…and allow the patient to return to an active and long life.”

He added further that, “The most successful outcomes are achieved by combining the best surgical team, a comprehensive rehabilitation program, and a motivated patient,” the release quoted. Patients of Dr. Krauss and his team are happy to not be involved in the DePuy Class Action Lawsuit activity that now occupies orthopedic surgery departments all over the world.

Krauss has performed over 10,000 successful joint replacement surgeries and is confident that his clients will remain healthy and satisfied for years to come. He urges all future joint replacement patients to carefully select their surgeons and health care teams before undergoing surgery.


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