Toysmith Recalls Light-up Toys Due To Choking Hazard

August 9, 2013

Toysmith Recalls Light-Up Toys Due to Choking Hazard

Some of the most hazardous children’s products are those that could unintentionally become choking hazards. If a particular toy is found to contain small pieces that are hazardous, then the manufacturer might be tasked with issuing a recall of the product. For example, Fred & Friends had to recall approximately 47,500 baby rattles due to pellets that could spill out of the rattles and pose a choking hazard for young children. Similarly, Toysmith is now recalling about 30,000 light-up frog and duck toys due to a pin that could detach and be harmful to young children if they ingest it on accident.

According to the CPSC, the toys have a metal conductor pin on the bottom that can be removed. To light up the toys, consumers would need to move the pin, which can possibly come loose and become ingested by a child. To date, no injuries or incidents involving the toys have been reported to Toysmith or the CPSC.

The toys are plastic and light up when the sensors are triggered or when the toys are placed in water. The frog toys are green and the duck toys are pink, yellow or clear. The products also have a round tag with the UPC number 2424 5159. The toys were sold at Cost Plus World Market from July 2012 to December 2012 for approximately $3.

The CPSC recommends that consumers immediately put the toys away from children until they can be returned to the place of purchase. Then, consumers will receive a full refund. Consumers can contact Toysmith weekdays at 800-356-0474 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT. Additionally, more information regarding the recall can be found online at under the “Safety” tab, which is located on the left side of the page.

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